The Mavens

The Mavens is a storytelling solo piece surrounding the topic of shifting family dynamics in the face of tragedy. This piece will be performed at the Chicago Fringe Festival in September 2017.

The smell of weed used to remind me of summer nights in middle school; sneaking out, meeting up with boys, getting paranoid every time a car drives by. Now it makes me think of the batch of brownies we hide in the corner of the kitchen, covered in aluminum foil so people who come over to visit don't accidentally eat one. We look up online how to make them; I just thought you put the weed in the brownie batter but it's actually really complicated. We found this forum for potheads that gives you step by step instructions, gave them a good review in the comments section. It's definitely a three person job. I stir the butter over the stove, Leah gets the batter ready, Jackie grinds the cannabis into a fine powder. The butter goes into the powder, then you gotta wait about three hours for the THC to absorb into the butter, then stir it in with the brownie mix. The kitchen fills with the smell of chocolate and cannabis. They take awhile to make, but grandma actually started eating everything on her plate. I sometimes sneak one, but always get this weird feeling of guilt that I'm taking my grandma's medicine. It gives us a sense of control to make them. This is actually something we can do to help.


lucy in the sky with vodka

Lucy in the Sky with Vodka is a musical comedy, with music by Jack Herouville. It follows the journey of four passengers, an air hostess and a pilot on their flight to Australia. In this scene, Carl, the dedicated frog scientist, attempts to make light conversation with Betty, a nearly deaf elderly Scottish woman.

Carl: So, first time flying transatlantic, huh?


Betty doesn’t hear, Carl tries again but louder




Betty: Holy shite boy! I’m right next to ya!


Carl: My apologies, it just seemed like this may have been your first time on an airplane for an extended period of time. I can tell because I’m a long distance flight expert. I’m fully equip with my noise cancelling headphones, book of brain teasers, twelve national geographics, and four ham and cheese sandwiches. While it seems like you’ve packed for the flight pretty lightly. I’d be happy to share a magazine or two! Just please be mindful of creasing the edges, these are collectors additions.


Betty: I am truly very sorry to hear about your ferret, but I don’t have any experience in animal medicine, so afraid I can’t help you.


Carl: So funny you mention animals, because you see, I’m on my way to the outback of Australia to study frogs! I’m a herpetologist, and I know what you’re thinking, and no I don’t study herpes-


Betty: Slow down there lad, if I’m going to be sitting this close to ya for the next fourteen hours you best be keeping your distance with a disease like that!


Carl: Oh, I’m afraid you misunderstand, you see a herpetologist-


Betty: I’ve had about enough of this nasty talk!


Carl: I’m deeply sorry if I’ve offended you ma’am.


Betty: Yea, go on, I’ll take a cheese and ham.